Select the area and dates you want to reserve for your group. Call, fax or email to our office in order to be registered for this trip. We will then forward a «Group registration form» to you. An initial deposit of 400 euros per person including the signed «Group registration form» must be sent back in order to confirm your booking. Only after having received this deposit you are firmly booked in. We will issue a confirmation for your participation. The contract is not binding for the organizer until he has sent a written confirmation. For short-term bookings, you would directly be asked to proceed according to the payment conditions.
Paiment conditions

Initial deposit of 30% of the full amount has to paid in order to confirm the booking. 100% of the full amount of the trip has to be paid not later then 60 days before the start of the voyage.
Cancellation policy:

Each participant can cancel the travel at any time. Cancellation can only be accepted in written form and is valid the day it arrives at our office. Nevetherless, participant can find a replacement at any time.

* If cancellation occurs more than 90 days before the start of the voyage, we will keep 400 euros per each participant.
* If cancellation occurs between 90-45 days before the start of the voyage, we will keep 30% of the full amount of the trip.
* If cancellation occurs less than 45 days before the start of the voyage, we will keep 100% of the full amount of the trip.

Program cancellation

To run our program as described we need certain objective conditions in the area of destination and a minimum number of 12 participants. Should this not be the case, we will try to find an alternative solution. If this proves to be impossible we have the right to cancel the program up to 90 days before its start. In this case any deposit or payment will be returned to the full.
Change of schedule

For reasons which can not be anticipated and we are not responsible for, the Organizer or Guides may change the actual program during the voyage at any time.

Disturbance refer to the defined program achievements due to weather or other external factors, on which the Organizer or Guides don’t have any influence, are not liable to recourse. In the case, that the client needs to interrupt this travel at an earlier date or due to other compelling reasons, there is no possibilities to claim for a reimbursement refer to the missed services and achievements.


Helicopter skiing, skiing and Mountaineering include certain risks. Even if you are with a Mountain Guide the probability of injury or death can not be totally eliminated. Participation at our courses is on your own risk.

It is mandatory, that every participant is in possession of a valid rescue/repatriation-, health- and liability insurance in order to participate in this travel. These insurances need to include the following conditions:

* Validity in the Russian Federation.
* Practice of an active holiday, which includes the helicopter skiing.

We recommend also travel insurance.

Each client accepts to follow the advice and overall authority of the Mountain Guide(s). We have no responsibilities for any circumstances, accidents, injury and material damages which occurred due to individual initiatives of the client itself.
Equipment personal skills

It is very important to use equipment of good quality and in perfect shape on our voyages. To repair or replace malfunctioning gear could proof to be extremely difficult during our stay in remote areas.

The proposed voyages are exclusively reserved for expert skiers. You need to be able to progress in hors-slope terrain in a safe and efficient way, even with variable snow conditions. This can include partly icy, crusty skiing passages, which need to be addressed with a total control of your skies.
Extra services

Any requests to alter the basic program, entails a supplement which will be charged in addition. For example:

* Change of departure or return dates,
* additional nights in hotel accommodation,
* single room,
* special services (not included in the program),


The prices and information given are established at the start of each calendar year. Since they are closely linked to international monetary fluctuations, they may be altered without warning. Moreover, although we take maximum precautions to avoid this eventuality, any price increase by our service providers will be passed on to our clients and shall not constitute a condition of cancellation.
Passport — Visa

Valid passport and visa are required for holidays/stays in Russia. Our company provides the invitation that is necessary for your visa application. Procurement of a valid visa is on your responsibility.

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